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Top 4 instagram-worthy & baby friendly coffee shops

Babies & lattes anyone?

Guys, I made it my mission to find the cutest coffee shops while on mat-leave with Brayden (hence the name, Babies & Lattes).

Now, as I venture around on mat-leave part 2... not only am I looking for super cute coffee shops but I totally need one that accommodates both kiddies.

Here are my top 4 favourite coffee shops in the GTA that are both kid (& stroller) friendly. It also helps that they are super cute and have delicious coffee, right?

  1. Sweet A La Mode Hidden gem? Well not really hidden as it is located in the massive Stockyards plaza but this Parisian-style cafe is SO dreamy. Not only is the coffee (& ham and cheese croissant) absolutely delicious- the artwork and attention to detail is amazing. My double stroller fit perfectly. The only downfall is that it is no longer open in the AM on the weekdays... so you'll have to head over at 2pm or wait until the weekend.

  2. Restoration Hardware Not only is this place absolutely beautiful- it has delicious food, great coffee, is super kid-friendly (double stroller fit without an issue) and it is located in the mall. You kill two birds with one stone! Perfect coffee date settings with your girlfrands + bebe. And double the points because you can shop their amazing home decor pieces!

  3. Bobbette & Belle I think I just love anything that reminds me of Paris. This cafe is stunning! They have two locations- the one in Leslieville is much larger and can accommodate kiddies much better (in my opinion). They have a comfy couch which is the perfect setting- especially cafe-ing with a toddler. They have the yummiest desserts and the best coffee!

  4. Kerr Street Cafe The best because... it's local (kind of). If you're in the west-end like me, it is hard to find those super chic coffee shops. Kerr Street has yummy coffee, can accommodate the kiddies and doesn't have you driving downtown for a latte!

Tell me your fave baby-friendly coffee shops... and if there are any hidden gems I don't know about!

You know I love me a good latte... and a delicious baby, of course!

PS. Can you tell how much I love wearing hats?! lol

WITH LOVE, Chelsea

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