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The big boy room

This big boy room has seen a lot of love, cuddles, giggles & sometimes tears. But man, does it ever hold a special place in my heart. We bought this house, which was a total-gut and in 3 months, my hubby made it our home. Brayden literally went from a baby to a big-boy in this room and he absolutely loves it!

We moved into our home when I was 3 months pregnant with babygirl which made Brayden 15 months old. We knew that we didn't want to buy a second crib for Ava... and that we would benefit from having a Queen size bed for our little guy. At 20 months, little Bray went from his crib to a big boy bed. Was it easy? Hell no. Are we glad we did it? Absolutely.

But the fun part was... decorating his room of course! I wanted to do a monochromatic theme with superhero elements! I also wanted to add in a few personalized pieces and was so happy to team up with a few of my favourite local moms, Dylans Design Shop & Urban Playground Designs to bring my ideas to life (scroll down for a special discount code)!

  1. Bumper Pads We ordered these awesome bumper pads for his bed off of Amazon and they act as two massive body pillows which is a plus!

  2.  IKEA "big boy" bed We didn't want to cram a dresser into Bray's room so we decided to go with the MALM bed (4 storage drawers underneath) so that we could optimize his space

  3. IKEA Kallax shelf This worked perfectly for Brayden's books + I could add two little storage boxes for his diapers + toys (AKA hide the clutter)

  4. Mountain decals Super fun and easy to assemble from Rocky Mountain Decals

  5. Superhero "cape" sign I collaborated with Dylans Design shop on this super fun cape sign. I wanted somewhere for Bray to "suit" up & Sonny brought my vision to life! Head on over to her site and use code babiesandlattes to receive 10% off EVERYTHING (limited time only)

  6. Brayden's name sign This is from Urban Playground Designs- it is simple and sleek & exactly what I was looking for. If you check out my previous post, Ava's Nursery, you can see Ava's name sign! Use code babiesandlattes for 10% off her store as well! YAY! We hope you love Bray's room just as much as we do! Now send us some magic sleep dust, we now need to get this little boy sleeping in his bed ALL night long! With love, Chels

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