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ten months

One month ago today and our breastfeeding journey came to an end. 10 months of feeding my baby, the only way I truly knew how. There were no tears or tantrums, it was our time. I was ready and so was Brayden.

Although there are times where I miss nursing my sweet boy, I also understand that my baby is now a soon-to-be toddler. This soon-to-be toddler no longer wanted to sit there in my arms and nurse, he wanted to play and roll around. Nursing him throughout the day was becoming more difficult because my rambunctious babe did not want to stay still #boymamaproblems! But as chaotic as our days were getting, before bed my little babe would still cuddle up in my arms for his night-time feed… and this part, I miss.

From the day my little boy entered this world, he was on the breast. It, miraculously, was easy for us. My supply was there, he latched perfectly and the rest was history. It was also hard for us, but in different ways. A lot of people couldn’t understand why I wanted to exclusively breastfeed my baby, they couldn’t understand why I hadn’t introduced formula or a bottle to him from the get-go. I never really felt the need to explain myself and selfishly, the truth was, I loved our alone time together. When you can sneak away from the hecticness of the day, the world somehow slows down and it is just you and your babe. No craziness, no pumping, no bottle, no annoying breastfeeding cover… just you and your baby. This moment, among so many others, I will cherish forever.

As my little boy grew, there were times when exclusively breastfeeding him was no walk in the park. It was hard to ever leave my son knowing that I was his food supply. This made it difficult for daddy (or anyone for that matter) to feed him because the bottle didn’t cut it. But deep down, as stressful as it seemed, I loved being the one to feed & nourish him. Instead of dwelling on what wasn’t working, I enjoyed those special moments because I knew it would not last forever. And here I am, 11 months in, watching my beautiful son drink from a bottle all by himself, and I would not change one thing.

Breastfeeding is not for everyone. And at the end of the day, a fed baby is the best baby (always)!

It was a beautiful 10 month journey for Bray and I…one with special moments I will cherish forever.

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