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surviving two under two

You guys... it sounds harder then it is. Honest!

Brayden and Ava are 22 months apart... so I technically only have a few more weeks of saying I have two littles under two! And guess what... I have survived (and so has my hubby LOL)!

Here is my advice to any mama's who are expecting, planning or living through... two under two!

Mama Naps... are a lifesaver! Having a toddler who loves to co-sleep and a newborn baby who is up every 3 hours can be exhausting. Not to mention, not sleeping well when pregnant (ninja baby, toddler cuddles, big belly, the list goes on). Brayden naps at around 12pm every day... for anywhere between 2-3 hours and with Ava still being a newborn, she is pretty much sleeping all the time. I try and take advantage and close my eyes... even if it's just for a few minutes. Us mama's need all of the energy (and zZzZ) we can get!

Babies Cry... as do toddlers. And they will unequivocally need you at the same time. Assess the situation & then tackle them one at a time. Brayden has definitely learned some vital coping mechanisms because I can't just drop (literally) everything I am doing. And vice versa. I must say... Brayden has been a d r e a m & so much better than I had ever imagined. And to be honest, I wasn't sure how he would adjust to having another baby around the house and having to share my time. He is pretty much in awe of his little sis... and I spend the majority of my time telling him to stop kissing her on the lips!

Distractions... are key for your toddler. Get them excited about their toys, watch their fave TV show with them, get them involved with your new babe as much as possible. Brayden is on diaper duty... he gets me the diapers/wipes and then will throw the dirty diaper in the garbage. I try my best to make him feel included when I am with our new babe all while making time to play with him. The great thing is...our newborns won't be telling their psychiatrists about us putting them down to nap in their bassinet when their older, promise! #MOMWIN

Time... Give yourself LOTS of it before leaving the house. It literally takes a village to get two kids ready and out of the house ( I can't imagine three)! What's worse? Is doing it all in the dead of winter. From starting the car, feeding both kids, changing them, packing the diaper bag, packing one babe up in the car seat, putting the other one in the car...just pack your patience and give yourself extra time! And it is totallllly cool to finally get in the car... and then wish you never left the house. It is darn right exhausting!

Mom Guilt... sucks! And I am not sure it ever really goes away. It creeps in when I'm cuddling Ava for too long on the couch... or if I am playing with Brayden and I have Ava laying in the bassinet. Or doing anything alone... because I feel naked without my kids. The mom guilt is inevitable... but try & shake it off. It does no one any good! Your kiddies are loved & contrary to popular belief... you are allowed to leave the house without your babes.

Divide... and conquer! My hubby saves the day (and my sanity) 99% of the time. It helps to have him there to even out the battle field because it’s not easy being outnumbered by your babies! Delegating tasks around the house + with the kids (bathing, feeding) is crucial to your everyday survival as a parent.  My hubby is our saving grace (and I definitely don't tell him that enough). Babe, if you're reading this... THANK YOU, we love you.

Coffee... is LIFE! Need I say more?

When you have two babes under two... you will be absolutely exhausted. You will live through the longest yet most magical days of your lives. Your head will hit the pillow at the end of the day... and you will fall fast asleep. Yet the minute either one of your kiddies stir, you are the first one up & at their side. And you will wake up in the morning & do it all over again. Because at this point in time, you have two tiny human beings who undeniably rely on you... and there is no better feeling in the world.

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