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second baby must haves

We all know being a first-time mama can be SO overwhelming. You have NO idea what to purchase, when to buy and which things you REALLY need for your baby. You spend hours googling registry lists & searching Pinterest.

I guess you can say one of the benefits of having my babes so close in age is that I haven’t forgotten TOO much + I have a lot of the basics. Althought there are definitely a few things I want (not sure if they are a necessity, more like a really nice to have) for Baby #2. Here they are…

1. Dock-A-Tot I totally followed Dock-A-Tot on Instagram throughout my pregnancy with Brayden. My first instincts were that it was cool but not sure if I would really even use it. Of course, totally forgot about it once Bray was born and fast forward to Baby #2, I totally want one! For a few good reasons… we are always out and about, especially at families houses’. We would make Brayden a make shift bed on the different couches, surrounded by a gazillion pillows. NOW, I will be able to bring my precious Dock-A-Tot around with me. It’s like a bassinet on the go- amazing! Plus, it’ll make him super comfy in his bassinet and IF I ever decide to bring this new little babe into my bed for that little thing people call “co-sleeping”. Who am I kidding? I totally am!

Here are the ones I have my eye on…

2. Fawn Design diaper bag Not only do us mama’s have to lug a baby, car seat & then stroller out of the car.. we then have to carry around a (usually massive) diaper bag.  For the first year or so, I would have to squish my make-shift Tory Burch (with my Tote Savvy insert) “diaper” bag into the bottom basket of my stroller, leaving me with no storage for anything else. The bag couldn’t drape over the handle bars of the stroller and there was no way in hell that I was going to carry this extremely heavy & large bag on my shoulder. UGH! Helllllllo lifesaver… the backpack diaper bag, FawnDesign. To me, it is a game changer. Especially as I start getting ready for baby #2- I am going to need all of the hands (& shoulders) I can get! I have also attached a few awesome back-pack diaper bags that I have had my eye on. A girl can have more than one… right?! #donttellhubby.

3. WildBird ring sling OK, I will be honest with you. For Brayden, I had purchased the Moby sling wrap and never used it, not even once. I mean, I took it out of the box and watched a gazillion YouTube videos on how to put the damn thing on- could never really figure it out. I never felt comfortable putting my little babe in it. Therefore, it collected dust for several months before I finally parted with it. NOW, I have watched quite a few videos on the WildBird slings, vicariously follow them on Instagram and have ordered (& received) my sling. YAY! I figured I am going to really need to master the whole baby-carrying thing especially with two littles under two. So why not do it with a super chic sling that is SO versatile. Wish me luck! Here is the one I purchased through Wildbird in Dove!

4. Car seat cover  Again, something I saw online with Bray- but kicked it old school and would use a blanket to cover him up, especially since he was a winter baby. Totally want one of these super cute covers… anything that is versatile, is a win for me! I LOVE that you can use it as a baby car seat canopy, nursing cover, shopping cart cover, high chair cover and a breastfeeding scarf. There are SO many companies that offer the covers..and I am still trying to narrow down my options!

Needless to say, we are all super excited for baby #2. Send me all of your tips, tricks & love… I want it ALL!

With love, Chels

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