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Oh baby

Girl or Boy...?

It is the age-old question the minute you announce you are expecting a babe or start sprouting your cute little bump. When I was pregnant with Brayden, we found out his gender at 18 weeks (on the dot)! We are now counting down the hours (72 hrs, 4320 mins & approx 259200 seconds to be exact) until we find out the gender of our precious baby #2.

I had read a cute blog post from a fellow mama-to-be before her actual reveal of all the “gender prediction myths” and thought it would be fun to answer a few. Let’s see how accurate these bad boys are… because I know with Brayden, they were totally off but my mama instinct was right… obvy!

Now I know you will ask… what do *you* think you are having? With Brayden, from the beginning I swore I was having a boy. I felt it… so hard to explain but I was online shopping for all things blue (+ gray +elephants) before I knew what I was having. For this little babe… there are times when I feel as if I am having a girl.  Mostly because both pregnancies have been totally different. Nauseous, physically sick & exhausted are an understatement with this pregnancy. The morning sickness has finally subsided (amen) and let me know tell you, those first three months felt like they were never going to end.   And other times, I am like, “this babe is definitely another boy”.  I daydream of Brayden running around with a little brother and my heart melts. I feel like I’m meant to be a boy mama?! So really- I have NO idea lol and I don’t really care. Give me alllllll of the healthy babies and I am golden.

Here is some of the fun B.S. I found on the internet…


Chinese gender calendar: says BOY but was totally wrong with Brayden (#fail) BOY

Carrying high (girl) or low (boy): uhm who knows? Feel like it is too early to tell. I am round so maybe more high? lol GIRL

Baby’s heart rate (over 140bpm is a girl, under 140bpm is a boy): under 140bpm but with Brayden I was waaaaaay over 140bpm. BOY

Skin changes (they say boys make your skin better and girls make your skin worse-think acne): My skin was HORRIBLE in the beginning but is much better now and I had no skin changes with Brayden… GIRL?

Hair changes (boy will give you glossy/thick hair & a girl will thin you out : My hair is definitely growing like wild weeds & is always pretty thick so… BOY?

Nausea (nausea usually means its a girl, no nausea means it’s a boy): Nausea for the first 4 months… GIRL

Cravings- sweets (girl) or salty (boy): ice cream, ice cream & Junior Chickens lol… GIRL?Cravings- fruit (girl) or meats and cheese (boy): mmm Ice cream is dairy.. so let’s go with cheese lol BOY

Headaches- yes (boy) or no (girl): YES… but never had any with Brayden. BOY

Has dad gained weight (boy) or none at all (girl): Nope… GIRL

Chest has not grown (girl) or it has grown (boy): DEFINITELY… especially after nursing Bray for 10 months… welcome back girls! BOY

Sleep-if you sleep mostly on your left side it’s a boy, on your right side it’s a girl: Who knows… I fall asleep on my left and usually toss & turn 50 million times in the middle of the night. Let’s say… BOY.

The tally is in… 7 BOY’s and 5 GIRL’s... maybe I AM getting another little Bray Bray #yay<3

Stay tuned for our baby reveal on Saturday!

With love, Chels

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