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Nursing Clothing 101

"Can I pop a boob out?"

Ladies... I am constantly getting asked about my FAVE nursing clothes. It can be so hard to dress when you know you need to pop a boob out on demand! To be totally honest, when I leave the house, it has to be in something I can pull down/pull open.

Remember my post waaaay back when on super cute non-maternity clothes? Well those fun dresses also happen to be a few of my favourite post-baby dresses. The button down dresses (& tops) are my go-to, especially for summer!

And you don't need to spend a ton of money! Winners/Marshalls has such a great selection of dresses & tops and are pretty inexpensive... majority of my spring/summer wardrobe have been Winners finds! Pack your patience, grab yourself a Starbies and hit up Winners/Marshalls! The only downfall is that I can't link any of my faves for you... so if you ever stumble across a picture on my Instagram of a dress you love, just ask me!

These are my requirements for clothing (while nursing):

1. I can pop a boob out (on demand). No joke, the struggle can be very real. I much prefer to pull my top down as opposed to up (weird?). So if you’re low cut (ish), flowy and make me feel pretty...I’m buying you. And ladies, Winners/Marshall’s has some super cute finds!

2. I can *sometimes* hide my nipple pad because 99% of the time, I’m not wearing them. I’m that girl that is constantly leaking through her clothes so you would think I’ve learned my embarrassing lesson? Nope! But in the case that I do wear them, I want to be able to rock them without everyone and their mother seeing the pad.

3. Flowy dresses OVER everything. Dresses are my go-to, they're my “lululemons”. I’m most comfortable in a dress- I hate pants!

Here are just a few of my faves...

Low neck, v-neck, tube top, off the shoulder... these are my nursing go-to's.

Now tell me what you're favourite "nursing" clothes are!

XO, Chelsea

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