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hospital bag essentials

Let's be honest... I've had our bags (semi) packed for quite some time.

And truthfully, it is because packing ours + little babe's hospital bag has got to be one of my FAVE things to do. I am very much a planner and hate leaving things to the last minute... so why not start weeks (okay, even months) in advance?! I just love washing all of the teeny-tiny baby clothing & imagining how cute this babe will look in her little outfits. Plus, envisioning our sweet babe with us just makes my heart melt, so I am constantly looking through all of her things.

I also obsess over reading other mama's hospital bag must-have's to see if I am missing any essentials... & if I am seriously over packing (which I totally am).

Thought I would share with you guys what I am bringing to the hospital for baby girl as well as myself... I feel like this time around, I (kind-of) have a better idea of what I actually need & used with Bray.

Baby girls' bag

All of little misses items will be going into my Fawn Design Diaper Bag. 


  • 1 pack of Newborn Diapers (our hospital doesn't provide) so need to ensure we have enough

  • 1 pack of baby wipes (we love the Kirkland brand)

  • Baby wash

  • Vaseline + Shoosha diaper balm

  • Soother + clip (never used one with Brayden but want to have one on me just in case). Picked these up at The Mama Market from BoandCo... she totally sold me

  • A few face cloths in case she needs a little wipe down


  • Super cute announcement "outfit".  I have a few cute & comfy ideas for baby girl & we will have to decide at the hospital which one she will wear. One of my first purchases I made when finding out I was pregnant with a girl was a Fawn & Sage Cocoon Swaddle + Bow so this one is a definite contender!

  • 2 NB short-sleeve onesies for layering

  • 2 footed pants

  • 2 sets of NB pajamas

  • 2 pairs of NB socks

  • 1 swaddle blanket from Little Unicorn (because it is my absolute fave). Although with Brayden, I only used the hospital swaddles.

  • Blush top-knot turban... because I am literally obsessed and I cannot wait to see baby girl in this + warm hat to go home in

  • Going home outfit from Gigi and Max

  • Minky blanket from Little Navy to keep her warm; especially on route home.

My Bag

All of my items will be in a mid-size duffle bag- that is officially packed to the TEE.


  • Toothbrush + toothpaste for me & hubby

  • Travel size body wash + shampoo +deodorant; the everyday essentials

  • Maxi pads (yay)

  • Granny panties

  • Breast pads

  • A little make-up travel bag (let's be real, prob won't get used but makes me feel better knowing that it is there)

  • Hair clip/tie

  • Phone charger for both hubby & I

  • Pillow (more so for hubby who will end up sleeping on the couch)


  • My fave robe from PinkBlush

  • My two Dwell + Slumber dresses... because they are super cute, super comfy + are breastfeeding (& granny panty) friendly

  • Sweat pants + zip up sweat shirt to go home in

  • 2 nursing bras + 2 nursing tanks

  • Warm socks

  • Uggs (I'll wear them to the hospital)

  • Flip flops

And let me tell you... I have looked through these bags 50 million times. I'm anxious, I'm excited... & I am super impatient!

We all can't wait to meet baby girl! 18 days until due date XO

With love,


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