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Growing belly must-haves

The struggle is REAL to find cute clothing… especially with a growing everything while pregnant. And I know you mama’s feel the same.

This is my second rodeo… and believe it or not, I found it much harder to find comfy clothing this time around. I hardly bought any new clothes when I was pregnant with Brayden… I wore a lot of pieces that I already had, still rocked my heels and felt fabulous all the way through. This time around… not so much!

With baby girl… I was showing almost immediately and I needed some comfy (but cute) clothing to wear. I didn’t want to spend an arm & a leg on maternity clothes… so went on a mission to find the cutest, versatile clothing for my growing belly!

Here are a few of my faves:

OLD NAVY I have lived in these Jersey-knit swing dresses from Old Navy- pretty sure I have almost every pattern/style. They are perfect for a growing belly, they can be dressed up or dressed down and are SUPER comfy. I absolutely love them… and I get a ton of compliments on them. Best part is that they can be used post-baby and won’t need to be stored away!

URBAN OUTFITTERS Who knew that UO would have preggo-friendly dresses?! Again, anything pretty + flowy will catch my eye! The best part about these dresses, again, are that they can be used post-baby. Now, they aren’t as cheap as our amazing Old Navy finds BUT they definitely align with prices at any of the maternity stores… and why not invest in a beautiful dress you can wear again + again?! With these dresses, you can also dress up + down! Plus, us preggo mama’s are allowed to splurge a little if it makes us feel pretty! Here were my two faves but definitely head into their store or have fun searching online…

TARGET If you know me, you know I am slightly obsessed with Target. The best part about my obsession… is that my mom shares it with me! So we make trips across the border rather frequently and always score the cutest dresses! Clearly you can see a trend here when it comes to pregnancy fashion for me, I love dresses! Quite frankly, anything that touches my belly drives me nuts & makes me itchy. Give me anything flowy with a bell sleeve that I can rock with a cute pair of booties… and I am sold. Here are just a few of the cute dresses you can find at Target… that again, aren’t maternity! Plus… if you check out their baby clothing (especially their Cat & Jack line), you will be as hooked as I am!

Now… let me share with you a few things I cannot live without… while being pregnant especially as the weather gets colder!

  1. A great pair of leggings… especially if you are pregnant in the fall/winter… ithey are great to pair up with one of your flowy dresses or a big, comfy sweater. I have purchased one pair of maternity leggings and I still prefer my old TNA leggings… because they fit right under my belly.

  2. Layer up. I make winter babies (lol) so… for the part of my pregnancy where I am the largest… it also so happens to be super cold. There is no need for me to buy a “maternity” winter jacket considering I won’t wear it for long. SO… if you are frugal like me… you will grab a big, warm scarf that you can wrap around your neck (that falls down past your belly) and will wear that with your coat (none of my coats zip up right now) to provide you with extra warmth. Alternatively,  you can layer up underneath your coat. Wear a long sleeve, throw on a sweater and then you’re jacket (you may feel like a big snowman) but whatevs,  you & babe will be nice and toasty.

  3. Accessorize! Cute shoes, cute hat… whatever works. This helps with any outfit, especially if you aren’t having a *damn you look good girl* day. I promise!

  4. Sports bras. They may not be the sexiest but man, are they ever comfy! I have occasionally worn my nursing bra’s but still prefer the comfier route. If you want to spice them up a bit, grab yourself a cute Calvin Klein sports bra with some matching undies- they are super trendy AND comfy. Double win!

OK, OK so I swore off maternity dresses until I came across Dwell & Slumber. They make the cutest and comfiest maternity/post-baby/no-baby dresses! I had to snag a few because of all the amazing reviews I was reading and at this point in my pregnancy, I’m desperate for comfort! My only regret is that I didn’t stumble across D&S sooner…because I would have worn these dresses around the clock! Not only are they coming to the hospital with me but I’ll be living in them post-baby!

If you have any growing-belly faves… share, share, share!! Us mama’s need all of the tips + tricks we can get!

Happy shopping mamas!

With love, Chels

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