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DIY Naked Cake Smash

As soon as I saw that I could make a naked "cake smash" cake, without having to bake anything at all, I was sold #thanksPinterest!

I knew I wanted to keep Ava's first birthday photos fairly simple and I really wanted to make her cake myself. SUPER happy I came across this amazing hack and I am even more excited to share the love with you!

Here is what you'll need: - 2 store bought vanilla cakes (vanilla icing + cake)... I wasn't paying attention and initially picked up 2 red velvet cakes so pay the extra attention and save yourself the trip! - Flowers of your choice.. I opted for pink & white roses and baby's breath

You start off by scraping the icing off of each cake individually. Try not to take off all of the white icing, keep it scarce but still visible! I left more icing on top of one of the cakes so that when you place them on top of each other, it would stick better! I then placed the cakes on top of each other & transferred to my cake stand. I "assembled" my cake the night before I actually needed it and placed in the fridge.

In the morning, I decorated with the flowers. You can definitely play around with this to make it look however you want! And voila... cake smash complete + super pretty!

The whole cake cost less than $40 to make. The 2 cakes were $10 each (at Walmart) and the 5 roses + baby's breath were $15. I really wanted pink roses and didn't have time to run around looking for the best bang for my buck- so I had to head into the nearest florist. But... the fact that I got to make the cake for my baby girl was truly priceless!

Stay tuned for my post on her cake smash photo's- they are too cute!

With love, Chels

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