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best day ever

My day started off with a blow-out & a mani at Her Majesty’s Pleasure with my mama. My maternity leave had started a week prior and I was doing all things me, before my little babe arrived. I had a funny feeling that I would be giving birth before my actual due date (February 11) but as everyone will tell you, you never really know.

Nothing crazy happened during the day- no early signs of labour, no mucus plug, no Braxton hicks- nada!

Fast forward to…

2:30AM I woke up thinking I was pee-ing myself (lol). I turned over, looked at Steve, who had just crawled into bed after binge-watching TV and he just knew. My water broke… YAY! The excitement of knowing that you are going into labour is indescribable. I was also verrrrrry calm. I had this whole theory that if I was cool, calm & collected during labour then the rest would follow in that manner. I figured that there was no point in being afraid or overwhelmed, this babe was coming out of me one way or another. Plus, the added stress would do no good for me or my baby, right?! We then phoned up my parents, my in-laws & my sissy-in-law (Steve was so damn excited he would have called the entire neighbourhood lol)! By 3AM, Steve and my parents were sitting on my couch watching me drink a tea and squat around my living room. Everyone was so anxious to get to the hospital but the last thing I wanted was to be sent home! So I drank my tea, did my squats and told everyone to CHILL out lol after all, I was the one about to give birth?!

4:30AM Contractions had started on the car ride to the hospital and I was 4cms dilated and 90% effaced when we arrived. This baby was coming and there was no stopping him. After being assessed in triage, I was admitted 30 minutes later. And boy did those contractions start coming full force.

6:00AM Thankfully for me, as soon as I got to my room the Anestsologist was on my floor and the nurse had asked if I wanted the epidural. Although I was petrified of the whole ‘needle in the back, hold onto the pillow and don’t move’ thing… I still went forward with the epidural (and thankgoooodness for that). God bless the women that can go through labour naturally because that pain is somethin’ else.

9:00AM Doctor assesses me, the epidural had slowed down labour and I was only 6cm dilated. If things didn’t pick up within the hour, they would give me some petocin to kick start my labour.

10:00AM I am now 10cms dilated and ready to push. And that was when minor panic set in. Here I am thinking the whole ‘having a baby’ process was going to take hours upon hours… and next thing ya know,the nurse is saying I am going to start pushing my baby out.

11:45AM That beautiful little soul growing inside of me was born. Brayden Moore Sousa entered this world at a whopping 6lbs12oz & 20 inches long. The greatest moment of my life. Instantly, I knew that this little boy would have my heart forever. The love I felt was indescribable. There was not one doubt in my mind that I would do everything and anything to love & protect that little boy for the rest of my life. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have replayed that moment in my mind.. just so I can relive it all over again.

Happy first birthday to my little man, my first born, my heart & my soul… you truly are my greatest blessing.

With love,


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