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Ava's DIY Kitchen

OKAY friends! I started off on a mission to create a kitchen for Ava's first birthday and I have finallllly completed it! After searching through Pinterest (as always), I decided on the Ikea kitchen hack and we all LOVE it.

From start to finish, the whole kitchen took me about 6 weeks. I took my time, placed a few online orders, made one too many paint touch ups but I am so happy with how it all turned out! I got asked a ton of questions about where I purchased a lot of the materials I used, so I wanted a place to bring it all together in a unified way!

OKAY... so this how I DIYed the shit outta this kitchen.

First off, I started by putting together the bottom piece of the kitchen and then painted the bottom section. I bought my paint supplies at Dollarama and would definitely recommend spending a few extra bucks on a good roller (the one at Dollarama kept falling off- super frustrating). I painted the top half boards all separately (and on both sides) for easy assembly later on. I then spray painted all of the kitchen "hardware" in the rose gold spray paint (as well as the pots and pans). I lost one of the handles (FML) so I bought pretty knobs from HomeSense to make up for it. I bought foam board from Michaels (again you can purchase from Dollarama) and used a spray glue to glue on my wallpaper "backsplash". For the marble counter top, I stuck the vinyl onto the IKEA countertop and cut an X in the two whole inserts (for the stove and sink) and then folded them back. Don't worry about any uneven-ness here because the stove + sink insert will cover it. Finally, I assembled the top half of the kitchen and glue- gunned the backsplash foam board to the back of the kitchen. BAM! Now the fun part was accessorizing this beauty... which obviously all took place at HomeSense. But my favourite piece is the custom tea towel from Cutetees.

I am not a creative DIYer lol soo this was a big deal for me and I did it ON MY OWN! I prob swore waaaaay too much along the way but I did it! Plus, I wanted to do something special for Ava's birthday (and something both my kids can play with)!

Here are all of the items I purchased:

IKEA KITCHEN Country Chic Paint; Colour: Enchanted

Rose gold spray paint

Backsplash "wrapping paper"

Marble vinyl adhesive for counter top Pots + Pans Custom tea-towel

Now, if you're thinking of doing your own DIY Ikea kitchen but you are hesitant (cuz I totalllllly was).... just GO for it! I promise, it'll be worth it in the end. You can also check out my DIY highlights on Instagram for videos along the way!

With love, Chelss

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