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It's funny... I started writing this blog post two weeks after Ava's birth. And here we are, one day away from her first birthday.

It's no surprise that I love being pregnant- second baby and all! Ava was due on December 25th and with her super special birthday came a ton of anxiety! I didn't want to be spending Christmas away from Brayden in the hospital. Needless to say, the last few weeks of being pregnant felt like a life time. Bray was born 10 days early so naturally, I thought miss A would totally follow suit?

My last bump picture on December 22nd!

Regardless, I was determined to have my baby... just in time for Christmas!

It all started on a Tuesday. I went in to my OB appointment (being due on the Saturday) and the Doctor had asked if I wanted to do a sweep. Obviously wasn't too excited about it but decided to do it in hopes of having babygirl within the next day or two. Did it, it totally sucked and then... nothing.

It wasn't until the Thursday that I began mission "DANCE THIS BABY OUT". I danced with Brayden, I danced alone... I danced while my hubby stared at my like I was craaaazy LOL! And still... nothin'.  Desperation kicked in at 10pm on December 21st. Brayden wouldn't sleep, still no baby, extremely uncomfortable and I may have lost my marbles...LOL!

Friday, December 22nd was my hubby's work Christmas party. We were certain that babygirl would have been born by then so didn't plan on going. Nonetheless, I dolled myself up, threw on a dress and a pair of heels and off we went. We dropped Brayden off at my parents + headed to the party.  We joked all evening that we weren't leaving the party until we danced the baby out.  Funny enough, my hubby & I were dancing away on the dance floor when my contractions began. I wanted to dance through them... so we kept moving. After 30 minutes, the contractions kicked themselves up 10 notches and I was starting to feel some serious pain. Pretty much grabbed my hubby, said our goodbyes and called my mom and told her to be ready because this mama was in labour.

We arrived at the hospital just before 11pm and let me tell you, it was a ghost town. I was 3cm dilated and 90% effaced (my water hadn't broken yet). I was admitted right away and thankfully (for the second time), the anesthesiologist was practically waiting for me when I got to my room.

By 12:30pm... epidural kicked in, hubby passed out and we waited for our little babe to make her appearance.

At 2:32am I was 10cms dilated and our nurse was yelling at me to stop pushing while frantically phoning the doctor. I'm on the bed, spread eagle yelling back at the nurse that I wasn't pushing! In the midst of the chaos, Doc comes running in as baby girl continues to push herself out...

2:37am on December 23rd, our darling Ava Rose was born. What a friggin whirlwind. No one can ever prepare you for the wave of emotions and feelings you experience when your baby enters this world, even the second time around. What a rush!

6lbs15oz of baby squishy-ness... just in time for Christmas<3

With love, Chelsea

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