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4 tricks on getting your babe sleeping through the night... in their crib!

OK mama’s… I know you have heard me talk about co-sleeping,  sleep training & drinking lots (& lots) of coffee… but I think we have finally nailed it. 14 months later, our little man has been sleeping through the night (yay)…in his crib (double yay)! I still wake up every morning in awe that I have slept through the night lol.

Here are 4 things that make sleeping possible in our house, in order:

  1. Bottle (in bed) Brayden drinks his last bottle before bed, in his crib. No more boob, no more rocking him to sleep or staying in his room. Just a babe and his bottle, in his crib. I also put oatmeal into his bottle before bed, just as an extra filler (plus I need to chunky up my little boy).

  2. Stuffy For Bray, this is his simba (that Daddy bought him from Disney)! We lay him in his crib with his bottle and he grabs onto Simba and snuggles him (cutest thing ever)!

  3. Blanky We put one of his muslin blankets on top of him so that he is nice and cozy. Plus, he also sleeps with a pillow…extra comfort!

  4. Continuous-play sound machine We turn on his sleep sheep and the sound machine at the same time. Yes, his room sounds like a jungle. And yes, he LOVES it! The sleep sheep only plays for 45 minutes & if you live in a bungalow like us, sound travels FAST. The continuous play sound machine was a game changer for us. It stays on alllll night long and helps drown out all noise.

And then… we leave his room. Just. Like. That!

Aside from these 4 tricks… Bray used to have two naps a day. As of a month ago, he dropped his late afternoon nap and now his morning nap lasts anywhere from 2-3hours. Because of this, by 7pm that little boy is SLEEPY. By 7:30pm he is out, which is kinda nice because I get some quality time with my hubby. And extra bonus, Brayden is up between 7-8am every day! Bam!

But seriously, I forgot what sleeping through the night felt like. Not only am I (and my hubby) getting a much better sleep, so is Bray. Babies need routine & structure… sleeping in his crib does just that. I remember looking at him sleeping in our bed one night, he was tossing & turning just trying to get comfy (as was I) and that was the real deal breaker for me on trying to get him to sleep in his crib. We all needed a good nights sleep and man, was it ever the best decision we made!

Yes, there are times when I am afraid the “sleep-training” police will come and get me… because this mama sure is guilty of bringing Brayden to bed once in a while for some good ol’ baby cuddles. C’est la vie!

Happy sleeping mama’s!!

With love, Chels

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